Awareness of Narcissism

Awareness of Narcissism- It's real.

Educating ourselves about the existence of and effects of encountering a narcissistic personality has never been easier or more important.   It is vital that we be aware of certain personality types who, if not seen for what they really are, might end up causing serious damage.  It is highly likely that you have had to deal with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder this very week, if not every week.  When we do not understand that there is a very real social network of people whose perspective lacks the compassion and consideration that most other people just take as a given when interacting with people, animals, or even objects, we end up being side-swiped and baffled by how situations unfold as well as about our seemingly inexplicable anger.

If you have been working really hard to make a relationship work but keep getting clobbered and left in a state of frustration and pain, you may want to consider asking yourself if the person you are relating to has narcissistic perspectives.  If they do, it is highly likely you do not have an awareness of their actual priorities and you may also think that they share your priorities.  That is why you may think that the issue here is in miscommunication.  If you can communicate accurately enough, the conflict ought to resolve, right?  Yes, that is exactly what happens when you are interacting with a person who has compassion and receptivity for another person’s perspective.  But that is NOT what will ever occur when dealing with a person who does not have the orientation of empathy or compassion for others as a priority driving their behavior.

Narcissistic people are driven by other motivations.  Here is an excellent video describing how a narcissist views you.  See if it describes a person in your life and then continues your education of how to navigate a narcissist with some of the fantastic and amazingly generous resources we have on youtube.  Today it has never been easier for someone to get a first-rate education in this very real social condition we are all in.  I hope this video is helpful and I hope you empower yourself about the realities of narcissism and how to protect yourself.