Animal Medicine Card Readings | Los Angeles

Animal Medicine Card Readings | Los Angeles

My style of life guidance works with the exciting tool of card deck imagry to prompt creative discussions as a way into a delicate issue.  I work with a variety of healing arts decks, but focus primarily on working with Power Animal Teachings.  

I began studying Power Animal life guidance in the early 1990’s and have been teaching people how to use this elegant system of introspection ever since.  

We live in a world surrounded by extraordinary teachers.  Animals are our friends, and our elders.  Animals are talking to us all the time and when we take a moment to listen and respond, we gain beautiful insights about ourselves and our world.

I offer Animal Medicine Card Readings and Life Guidance in Los Angeles. 

 Card reading is an ancient and highly effective tool for introspection which was made popular by Carl Jung and many others who recognized that the study of symbols are doorways into deeper awareness.  Card reading is the art of conversation and creative connection.  

I teach people how to work with card deck imagery as a fun, creative way to locate wise council, develop intuition, and reconnect with the natural world.  When we meditate on the symbols of life all around us, we find new solutions to our problems and deepen our understanding of how we are all connected. 

I offer two types of sessions.



Animal Medicine Card Readings | Los Angeles
Animal Medicine Card Readings | Los Angeles

A Medicine Wheel is an ancient tool for healing.  This 90-minute session involves relaxed, easy conversation, writing prompts, and discussion of the images drawn from healing card decks. We investigate a specific life challenge of your choice and based on the animal guides drawn we find practical steps towards improving the situation.

This reading can be done as many times as needed to learn more about the energies and dynamics involved with any life situation you may be working through.  

Did you know you were born with 9 Spirit Animal guides who walk with you all your life and are available for guidance at any time? Discovering your power animals can help you understand your unique personality and skillsets which enable you to play to your strengths for effective solutions.  In this reading, we discover 7 of your 9 power animal guides.  We also create a permanent document for you to keep for later reference. This reading is only offered in-person in Los Angeles, CA.  Please read these small preparations for our meeting and let me know if you have any questions.  

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