A Course In Miracles 3.0

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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." -Albert Einstein

Reading A Course In Miracles can be a life-changing experience when you take the time to give it daily attention.  It can become a companion to your day-to-day struggles that can bring real and lasting relief.  The lessons are true good medicine.  But it is not an easy book to read, in part because the language is poetic rather than conversational and in part because the actual lessons are a new logic, like higher math, which takes determination to grasp.  A Course In Miracles is not a religious text.  But it does use religious language and so, at first glance, can be misunderstood as part of an institutionalized religion. The reason it deliberatly uses religious language is to reclaim the words and phrases that have been misused by religious institutions for centuries.

The purpose of this  “3.0 version” of A Course In Miracles is to continue in the same spirit of the book’s own message and purpose to keep updating the language of how the spiritual ideas are conveyed to modern minds.  Language changes.  Language becomes dated and ineffective.  But the messages of true spiritual teachings stand the test of time because what is true is eternal.

I highly recommend giving the original publication a try and if you get stuck or frustrated, I hope you find the 3.0 version here a useful companion to your journey with the teachings.  

A Course In Miracles 3.0